Trance Gemini


My first ever post, I’ve thought hard about what to write about and in the end I chose to post about the thing that made me smile the most today. It’s actually the thing that tends to make me smile more than anything, my puppy. To be honest, she can’t really still be considered a puppy because, not only has she had her first season,, but she’s now over her first year of life! To me though, I guess I’ll probably always refer to her as my puppy!

She’s got this habit of trying to herd my partner and I into the same room. If someone is upstairs she’ll come up and circle you, repeatedly. Eventually, when she thinks you’ve got the message, she’ll then walk downstairs (or wherever the other person is) and expect you to follow. If you don’t she’ll just start the whole process again.

Quite frequently throughout the day she’ll become so overwhelmed with her love or affection that she’ll pounce on the recipient and smother them in kisses. If someone leaves the house, even if it’s just to put the rubbish in the bin, she’ll be so excited that you’ve come back into the house, that she’ll  go into crazy mode and the kiss attack begins. Honestly, it’s as if you’ve been gone weeks.

Of course, she’s not perfect, she can at times be far from it. Like when we take her for a walk and she ends up on her back for adults and dogs alike. Children,oh my, the children, if she sees or even hears them she just has to go say hello and play. I consider it great that she’s really friendly with everyone but sometimes it can get really annoying especially if you’re in a hurry. On the plus side though, we’ve finally got to know the neighbours because of her. Who knew having a dog was such an ice breaker!

Another thing that can be quite frustrating is her whining  or her constant need to be physically close to you. Seriously, for small dog, she sure can make a whole lot of noise. But this puts into perspective that you are her pack and that her pack is her whole world. A good thing about her is that she was fairly easy to train, that is of course, if a treat is involved. She knows what sit, twirl, stay, wait and no mean. Her favourite words in the whole world are treat and walk. Though, if it’s not her favourite words then she only tends to obey these if there’s something in it for her, like a treat.

Above everything else. she’s always there by my side, something I’m sure my partner is jealous of! I consider myself her preferred human. But what I find most endearing about her is that for every hour she spends snuggling me on the couch  she’ll jump off and go and snuggle up to my partner just to show him she loves him too.

There’s not a day that goes by that she doesn’t make me smile or laugh. Oh, and yes, she is named after a character from Andromeda for you guys who picked up on that! 😀

Thanks for reading!